le 25 mai - Today is a verb-conjugating kind of day. Do some of all three of the regular groups (-er, -ir, -re) and try some of the major irregulars (avoir, être, aller, faire). You're only working in PRESENT tense, though.

le 15 avril - Are you an expert on the semi-regular verbs? Talk to me and we'll decide where to put your efforts today.

le 30 mars - Stephanie, I'd like you to keep working on the 'semi-regular' verbs. The quizzes at the bottom are good practice and they culminate with a review of all -er verbs, both regular and these slightly irregular. I'd like to hear that you can blaze through that last quiz by the time you're done. :)

le 25 mars - Read the notes about 'semi-regular' verbs here (part way down the page). Then scroll down to practice each type.

le 18 mars - Hey, Stephanie! Show me you know how to conjugate -er verbs!

Le verbe 'parler' (present tense - regular er verb)

Verbs like 'parler'

Subject pronouns

Learn and Practice the French numbers 0-100

Hello World


BBC Schools

A little quiz to practice definite articles with the days of the week

Another quiz to practice definite and indefinite articles

At this website, you will be asked to first choose which types of verbs to practice. Please choose either **-er verbs** or the **major irregular** verbs. Secondly you need to choose a 'tense'. Choose **present**. Finally, click on 'Apply'.conjugation practice.jpg