Français 20 - French 20
septembre 2015 à juin 2016

Worksheet 1 - Aller - Futur Proche
Worksheet 2 - Lire, Dire & Ecrire
Worksheet 3 - A familiar verb and an unfamiliar one
Worksheet 4 - Irregular adjectives: vieux, nouveau et beau
Le mystère du triangle des Bermudes
Worksheet 5 - Avoir et Etre
Worksheet 6 - Passé
Worksheet 7 - More Passé
Worksheet 8 - Verbs of Movement (Passé with être)
Worksheet 9 - Voir et Croire
Worksheet 10 - The Future Tense
Worksheet 11 - Futurs Irréguliers
Worksheet 12 - Summary of Verb Tenses

le 23 mars

Choose from the following:
1. Practice conjugating verbs in 'présent' or 'passé composé'.
2. Can you name the French verb for 100 English verbs?
3. Practice changing from something happening in the present to something that is 'going to happen' in the near future.
4. Review how to express that something has just happened in the recent past with this video.
5. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of passé composé in this quiz.

le 18 mars

Use the list of verbs Mrs. Whelen just had you write down (as well as the French verbs for reading, saying and writing) to do the following quizzes using passé composé. Take a screen capture of the final page of each quiz and save them on a Word or Google document.

1. past participle 'i' avec avoir
2. past participle 'i' avec etre
3. past participle 'is'
4. past participle 'it'

le 16 mars

Do these three online quizzes. Put a screen shot of your final screen for each quiz in a Word or Google document.
le présent du verbe 'voir'
le présent des verbes comme 'voir'
le présent du verbe 'croire'

If you're finished before the end of class... Figure out the meaning of the sentences in the quizzes. :)

You can check your answers below:
Sentences from 'voir' quiz.
Sentences from verbs like 'voir' quiz.
Sentences from 'croire' quiz.

le 2 mars

Each of the links below takes you to an online quiz where you can practice what you've learned. Put a screenshot of your final screen for each quiz on a Word or Google document.
participe passé des verbes en -er
participe passé des verbes en -ir
participe passé des verbes en -re
participe passé d'être
participe passé d'avoir
participe passé de faire
participe passé d'aller
passé composé des verbes en -er
passé composé des verbes en -ir
passé composé des verbes en -re

le 24 novembre:
Download this document:
Use it to review the verbs 'avoir' (to have) and 'être' (to be). The answers can be revealed under each sentence.

le 4 novembre:
1. record reading assignment #1
2. le verbe parler (screen capture)
3. les verbes comme parler (screen capture)
4. le verbe finir (screen capture)
5. les verbes comme finir (screen capture)
6. le verbe vendre (screen capture)
7. les verbes comme vendre (screen capture)

le 28 octobre:

1. If you haven't finished your verb video, start with that.
2. Do this quiz on 'verbs like lire'. When you're finished, take a screen capture and save it on a Word document. (If you don't know how to do that, look it up on Google and tell your classmates.)
3. Do this quiz on 'dire'. When you're finished, take a screen capture and save it on the same Word document.
4. Do this quiz on 'verbs like écrire'. Take a screen capture and save it on the same Word document.

le 2 octobre:

1. pratiquer le futur proche
2. pratiquer le passé récent

le 23 septembre:

1. pratiquer le verbe aller
2. quiz - aller
3. pratiquer le verbe venir
4. quiz - venir
*demain (le 24 septembre) il y aura un petit quiz en classe

le 16 septembre:

1. révision de vocabulaire (ton choix)
2. un petit quiz sur les vêtements
3. vocabulaire encore

le 9 septembre:
1. révision et pratique des parties du corps
2. fait la leçon sur 'la famille'
3. un petit quiz sur les parties du corps
4. un petit quiz sur la famille
5. révision de vocabulaire

le 27 mai: Download the document below. Complete it. Print it. Hand it in.

le 25 mai: any quizzes you haven't completed previously and then:

le 20 mai: semi-regular futur -er, futur review 1, futur review 2, futur of devoir with infinitive
le 22 avril: p. regular -er, p. semi-regular or slightly irregular -er, futur -er, futur -ir & -re
le 15 avril: p. voir, p. verbs like voir, pc avoir, pc etre, pc irregular
le 30 mars: Click on the picture below. Your job today is to practice the indicated verb types and verb tenses today. Do as many as you can of each type.
verb practice.png

le 25 mars - pc of -er, pc of -ir, pc of -re, pc of verbs like venir
le 18 mars - pc of descendre, pc of naître et mourir, pc with negatives, pc with inversion, pc review 1
le 25 février - passé composé + ir and re verbs
le 16 octobre - indefinite determiners, definite determiners, subject pronouns, avoir, etre, aller, faire, & parler
le 17 novembre - avoir or être, avoir or aller, aller or faire

ir & re verbes
le 27 mars -lire, connaitre, venir, possessive adjectives & bon
le 1 mai - expressions avec avoir,
le 23 mai - passé composé 1, p.c. avoir, p.c. être, p.c. faire
le 27 mai - les verbes en -ir et en -re
le 3 juin - voir, croire, verbs like voir, p.c. aller, p.c. -er verbs, p.c. descendre, p.c. naitre and mourir, p.c. with negatives
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