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Questions personnelles.

Answer each question with a complete sentence.

Exercice 1
You are writing two sentences. One uses the verb être to say that someone is sick. The other uses the verb avoir to say where they have a pain/ache.

external image clip_image001.gifRemember that the prepositions à and de do strange things in front of masculine nouns.

à la
à l’
de la
de l’

Exercice 2
Refer to the notes that are right above the exercise. Conjugate the verb avoir properly for each situation. Remember that when you’re answering questions, you can use the question to formulate your answer.

Exercice 3
You are given a list of objects in the instructions. For each set of sentences, say that the people want to do what it says, then say what it is they need (from the list).

Sortir et Partir
Two new verbs are written out for you in present tense. Look at them carefully, don’t just skip on past.

Questions Personnelles
Answer the questions in complete sentences. Again, remember that you can use the question to help form your answer.

Read the letter from Nathalie. 20 - lettre de Nathalie.pdf Then fill in the blanks in the letter to Nathalie.