les adjectifs - adjectives

You should remember from Language Arts class, that adjectives are the words that describe. They are placed with nouns to tell us more about those nouns. They may tell us colour, how many, how much, what kind, et cetera.

In French, adjectives will change their spellings to 'agree' with the noun they are describing.

They will agree in 'gender', so will be masculine or feminine.
For example, 'un chapeau vert - une chemise verte'.
They will also agree in 'number', so will be singular or plural.
For example, 'un soulier rouge - des souliers rouges'.

In English, the adjective(s) usually appear before the noun.
For example, 'a black cat'.
In French, the adjective(s) usually appear after the noun.
For example, 'un chat noir'.

However, a few descriptive adjectives, usually expressing beauty, age, goodness and size (BAGS), generally precede (come before) the noun they are describing:
  • Beauty: beau/belle - beautiful, joli(e) - cute, pretty
  • Age: nouveau/nouvelle - new, vieux/vieille - old, jeune - young
  • Goodness (or lack of it): bon(ne) - good, gentil(le) - nice, mauvais(e) - bad
  • Size: grand(e) - large, big, tall, petit(e) - small, little, pretty, court(e) - short, long(ue) - long, gros(se) - fat, rude

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