le verbe avoir - to have
le verbe être - to be
le verbe aller - to go
le verbe faire - to make / to do
le verbe venir- to come
le verbe lire - to read
le verbe dire - to say
le verbe écrire - to write
le verbe reconnaître - to recognize
le verbe voir - to see
le verbe boire - to drink
le verbe sortir - to go out
le verbe partir - to leave (depart)

Some 'semi-regular' verbs (slightly regular?) also known as boot verbs or stem shift verbs:
les verbes comme lancer - to throw (-cer verbs)
les verbes comme manger - to eat (-ger verbs)
les verbes comme appeler - to call (-ler verbs)
les verbes comme jeter - to throw out (-eter verbs)
les verbes comme acheter - to buy (-e_er verbs)
les verbes comme répéter - to repeat (-é_er verbs)
les verbes comme envoyer - to send (-yer verbs)

Check out this presentation another French teacher made about 'boot verbs'.

You an practice some of these semi-regular verbs here.

Four different verbs that mean 'to leave'.

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